What is espadrille (Jute) sole?

Normally the espadrille shoe is made on top of a base of rope in jute or similar material. One end of this rope is fastened on a wood mold and then the mold is circulated, gathering the rope around itself. This creates a platform of the jute rope which is put into a warm steel mold to achieve desired shape and density.

Due to cost and material availability, the soles of espadrille are now commonly made with jute rope or braid. The natural bright white color of jute is a major design feature of modern espadrilles. Bangladesh is the producer of high quality jute and has become a manufacturing center for premium quality jute soles and complete espadrilles. Ninety percent of the world’s total production of complete espadrilles, as well as jute sole, is now manufactured in Bangladesh, although some manufacturers in Spain, France, and Italy import jute soles from Bangladesh to finish espadrilles in those countries. Complete espadrilles are also assembled in Argentina (known as alpargatas), Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela with imported jute from Bangladesh. Jute soles typically include fully or partially vulcanized rubber beneath the jute soles for long-lasting espadrille shoes. Sometimes crepe soles are used as out-soles although those are not as durable compared to vulcanized
ones. Jute braid soles might include heels made of wood or EVA foam.

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