Espadrilles are a type of shoe that has a significantly different sole than most shoes: one made of jute fabric. Amass Footwear Limited Makes Espadrilles from The jute yarn. The jute fabric gives espadrilles their unique look that people are drawn to for spring and summer looks. The comfort and durability of espadrilles compel people to continue loving and wearing them.

Where did Espadrilles Come From!

Espadrilles were first created in Europe in the year 1322, Specifically in Spain and France, Where the esparto fiber was used to shape the footwear. The esparto fiber is from the catalan word “espardenyes”, and where the name “espadrille” stems from. Amass Footwear Ltd started the process of making espadrilles from 2017.

This fiber was created from grasses in southern Europe to make baskets, chords and shoes that were sold in the local area. The esparto fiber connects the various parts of the shoes together, wrapping around the ankle, covering the toes, and tying the sections to the sole of the shoe. The Jute is product in Bangladesh. Amass Footwear Limited manufactures espadrilles from this Bangladeshi Product.

How to make espadrilles

Espadrilles were first created by braiding esparto fibers to create pocket-like enclosures for the ankle and toes. The traditional method is pretty different than the modern method, as the former method tends to cover more of the foot with fabric rather than the fibers. The Amass Footwear ltd making modern method of espadrilles involves cutting various fabrics and stitching them together to create a good-looking shoe.

The first step of Amass Footwear Ltd is to pick a pattern and fabric for the upper of the espadrille, what the bulk of the shoe will present. Once the fabric and pattern are chosen, they are cut to shape the upper of the espadrille and stitched onto the jute fabric sole of the shoe that will hold the pattern fabric of choice.

The woven jute fabric used for the sole of the shoe is sustainable and tough, which helps make the espadrille long-listing. Amass Footwear Ltd Made the upper of the shoe is canvas fabric which provides the best color and print definition. This adds to the sturdiness of the entire espadrille.

Amass Footwear Espadrilles Not only Espadrilles comfortable, but they are also fashionable and can last multiple seasons with the strength of the espadrille fabric used. People can customize every part of their espadrilles making them extremely unique and exactly how they like them.